Arlynn is a natural born educator

– Kathy King, Director of the Ceramics Program, Office for the Arts at Harvard


More than simply a learning experience, residencies with Arlynn Nobel allow artists the opportunity of self-discovery. This experience will help you find your unique voice as an artist. Arlynn’s home and state of the art studio rest on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior, just outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Interested artists can contact Arlynn with inquiries and requests.

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Arlynn has conducted workshops across North America. As a committed vessel maker, Arlynn enjoys challenging the limitations of the clay medium, opening up new avenues of expression, by devising techniques for altering and assembling thrown forms.

Demonstrating her unique methods, Arlynn pushes the boundaries of freedom and fluidity within the symmetry of the thrown clay vessel. Her presentation will link her background and influences to her current direction and identity as an artist, showing through specific examples how these sources have informed her evolving body of work.

In addition to teaching her most advanced techniques, her goal is to ensure that students truly begin to find their own voice. They will do this by learning to develop a body of work from start to finish.

Workshops can be customized for any number of days at any venue (art center, pottery studio, guild, university, or college).